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St. Nicholas Church

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Welcome to St Nicholas Church

Virtual services over Zoom are now well-established across the West Purbeck Benefice. The good news is that, as the relief from lockdown progresses, clergy-led services may resume in April, starting on Easter Day, 4 April. Additionally a service of Holy Communion will be held in St Nicholas church on the second and fourth Sunday of April at 9am. Services will now be led by Canon Keith Hugo, a retired clergyman who has been assigned to the Lulworths during the Vacancy caused by the retirement of Revd Robert Marsden. For full details of the services within the Lulworths Parish and the wider West Purbeck Benefice, please open the Services tab on this page. We will continue to open our church for private prayer and for visitors as follows:

Sunday - From 8.30am until 1pm

Wednesday - From 1pm to 6pm

Help us to maintain this ancient place of worship as a safe space for anyone who comes in:

Please use the hand sanitiser in the porch before entering

Please observe social distancing, trap any coughs and sneezes and avoid touching any surfaces with your hands

Please use the hand sanitiser by the door before you leave


Do not enter if you are unwell.

You can contact our clergy team: Revd Sandra Williams 01929 792235,

Revd Jenny Alidina 01929 551502 or Canon Keith Hugo on 01202 734971

Or our Churchwarden Jeremy Selfe 01305 852138 -

Or our Church Secretary Mrs Rosie Johnson  01305 852885